Monday, March 14, 2011

Not Working for Apple

I have an iPhone. I also have an iPad. Hey - I'm an IT geek - it comes with the territory. What all of you iPeople out there probably also know is that the default signature for email sent from your iPhone is "Sent from my iPhone." Really? What don't they just say what they mean: "Sent from my technologically superior phone to yours. Which isn't." or to another iPhone: "Sent from one iPhone user to another. We just know better."

Does my iPhone really feel the need to lord it over what it considers inferior phones? Do iPhones get together while we sleep and gang up on what they consider to be lesser phones? "Ugh - no touch screen. LET'S GET HIM."

My husband has owned a Motorola RAZR pretty much since the day they released them. It has been replaced once but to be fair, it's because it went overboard on a fishing expedition, not due to any fault with the phone. It has steadily and reliably done all of the phone-y things that you hope a phone would do. Like make CALLS for instance. Something I was unable to do with my iPhone 4 just a few short months ago.

But Apple wants me to forget all about that and send out a little electronic advertisement with every email I send. Presumably, the very AWESOMENESS of the emails I send "from my iPhone" will convince LEGIONS of people to run right out and buy iPhones too. Did Apple think I wouldn't notice? Well actually, I didn't at first. Then a bunch of email replies trickled back, all starting with "well, excuuuuse me . . ."

So I have gone in and changed my default signature. It now humbly reads, "Sent from my mobile phone." I'm may even change it to: "Sent from my Motorola RAZR". Take that Apple. I dont' work for you.

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